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Hi Welcome To Peng Hu~ Hi Welcom To Say Yeah

Say Yeah Inn is located in Magong City The location of the property is excellent, and it is no more than 15 minutes from the North Ring, South Loop, Island Hoping, Kui Bha Mountain or the city center! We also offer car and motorcycle rental services. Each room in Say Yeah has a different design style Spacious at first glance, allowing passengers to escape from the crowded urban environment I want to bring a fresh and comfortable space for every visitor. "Say Yeah" is happy when taking pictures I hope that passengers can go to Wuhu to temporarily leave the troubles of the city. Enjoy the natural beauty of Penghu Say Yeah has no facilities like a hotel, only the warmth and comfort of home. Remove too many processed items and provide spare chemicals to the passengers Guests who wish to come to Say Yeah can stay close to nature. The building-like appearance is full of childlikeness, and the interior is matched with the Say Yeah style

Keep Calm And Say Yeah~  

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